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“Pipowagen” ( 5 people)

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Farmers’ campsite De Geele Bosch

Welcome to the website of the farmers’ campsite the Geele Bosch. The name of our campground is based on the name of the forest that is located next to our grounds. Our site is highly suited for families with young children who want to explore the life of a farmer. Because of the spacious design, our grounds are also suitable for people who are seeking peace. Here, you can be yourself and do the things you like. There are no ‘shoulds’ or ‘musts’ and almost everything is possible. We hope to meet you someday at our camping grounds! Best regards, Bill, Ella, and Michel Ros.


There is plenty to do here

Feeding the cows

Farm, Kids

Workshop for making milkshakes

Food, Kids


Food, Kids
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